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by | Jul 22, 2021

If you are looking to step up your “spa game” the Aquatremor® stereo system is the best feature for you. This sound system creates the ultimate spa experience, not only creating the best sounding music but allowing you to feel the music you are listening to. The human body is mainly composed of water, the sound waves can pass through you as you relax.

The Aquatremor® stereo system is the most subversive way to listen to music while relaxing in your spa. Tactile transducers bonded to the shell and cabinet drive your favorite music through all the solids and liquids in your tub.
This creates amazing clarity as it essentially turns the spa shell, cabinet, and water into the speaker. This is the only way to fully and truly experience the sound waves in your spa! You and your loved ones will fully be able to experience true music and water therapy.

Another benefit of the Aquatremor® stereo system is all Arctic Spas® mold designs include a signature Aquatremor® Seat. This allows for any music lover to be impressed with the most direct connection to your music. Another huge benefit to the Aquatremor® Seat is our vibroacoustic massage. These massages are accompanied by an audio track that uses low-frequency tones to stimulate different muscle groups, creating an unimaginable experience!

All of your music can be streamed from any Bluetooth-enabled device straight to your spa. This allows you to be able to control the music safely from your home or in a waterproof smartphone case! This creates the most technologically advanced way to reap all the benefits of your spa!

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As you can see, the Aquatremor® stereo system is the peak of luxury. Being able to fully immerse yourself into your music is an occasion not many people can say they have witnessed! This state-of-the-art sound system is an experience that will have everyone amazed as you relax with your loved ones.

At Arctic Spas®, we pride ourselves on providing a unique and innovative experience with your spa, and the Aquatremor® stereo system will not disappoint! The convenient Bluetooth connection and built-in speakers provide the easiest listening experience, leaving you to relax.

*Only available on on the Mustang, McKinley, Totem and Eagle.