Arctic Spas Signature Service

Whether it’s the start of summer or preparing your Arctic Spa for late night soaks in winter, having a service once a year ensures your tub is in perfect working order.

Unique to Arctic Spas, our service package below covers every aspect and component of your hot tub. You’ll also receive a 10% discount on any salt cells, filters or chemicals purchased along with your service package*.
The Arctic Spa Signature service package is now only £240.00 inc VAT*

Pump Inspection

Pipe Flush

Prior to our technician arriving to carry out your service, we will send by post your Arctic Pipe Flush so it can be added to the water 24 hours in advance, thoroughly working on chemical deposits built up in your pipe work.

This will ensure every inch of hose/PVC fittings are thoroughly flushed and the chemical deposits removed.

Pump Inspection

Filter Cartridges Checked

Having clean filters is imperative to allowing good filtration and efficient water flow.

Our technician will check your filter cartridges and clean any pleated filters (filter type will vary depending on tub model) before installing them back in their chambers.

Pump Inspection

Component Testing

Our technician will check each individual electrical component as well as checking your heater, LED lighting, Ozone and salt systems are working fully and pulling the correct amperage.

Pump Inspection

Pump Inspection

Your pumps are the key to Arctic Spas deep tissue hydro-massage. They will be checked for performance and amperage draw to ensure they are working 100% effectively.

Pump Inspection

Jetting & Water Distribution

During the pipe flush, we will also inspect each individual jet is working and providing proper water & air flow. Arctic Spas prides itself on its industry leading hydrotherapy massage and ensuring your jetting system is operating fully is paramount.

*Diverter & air control valves will be tested where applicable as depends on the spa model. 

Pump Inspection


During your hot tubs run through, our technician will check for any programming updates* and install the latest software where applicable. 

*Program updates vary depending on tub model.

Pump Inspection

Drain & Clean

The second step of your pipe flush is a complete drain down of your tub, removing all the loose chemical particles and any grit from the footwell. Our technician will also apply Arctic Spa Surface Cleaner to your shell to remove any residual chemical build up. This leaves a hygienic acrylic surface ready for you to fill with fresh water.

Bolt-On Service Options

There are many variations of Arctic Spa hot tubs due to our products bespoke features. If you’re looking for some additional service options, then simply request these from the bolt-on options below (all prices include vat):

Cedar cabinet and Step staining


Mylovac/Polar cover wash, rinse and protect

(exterior only)

Winterisation (if you’re planning a trip or shutting down your spa)


For a full detailed breakdown of the Arctic Spas Signature Service Package please reach out to us:

*10% discount can only be claimed on salt cells, filters or chemicals purchased at the same time as your service package.